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These really are THE BEST ELASTIC LACES! Check out the "bar lacing method" for those who tend to swell in the feet or have foot pain.


Give your shoes a great no-tie style with Xpand®, the stretchy lacing system that keeps you looking and feeling great. Xpand's elastic shoelaces make it simple to slip your shoes on and off quickly - while maintaining a ridiculously comfortable fit. From cross training to relaxing, we've gotcha covered!  It doesn't matter if your young, old, lazy or athletic, our laces don't discriminate. 


No-tie shoelaces from Xpand® feature elastic construction that assures your shoes will be a perfect fit, every time. Use Xpand® elastic shoestrings with your favorite running or cross-training gear to help reduce hot spots or ill fitting shoes. Replace your dress shoe laces with sleekly comfortable slip-on shoelaces instead — and move from studio to street effortlessly.

Xpand® is the modern way to never tie shoes again. Xpand® gives you:

  • Flexible shoelaces for every circumstance. Check out the reflective patterns for night time and the different lacing patterns to customize.
  • An easier, faster way to get dressed. Leave shoe-tying struggles behind with our expandable shoelaces, and make getting ready for school or work easier.  Get your kiddos out the door in 3 seconds flat!
  • A risk-free shopping experience. Not sure our shoelaces will work for you? No problem. Xpand® offers a 100% money back guarantee.

From XpandOne of the biggest compliments we receive from our customers is the amount of comfort our product has brought to their feet.  Everything from tendonitis to swelling feet has been relieved by our laces.  Many of our customers tell us our product is the custom insole for the top of their feet.  Runners swear by our product claiming less foot fatigue and the elimination of hot spots during long runs and marathons.  When we designed this product our focus was on bringing simplicity to the user, not necessarily comfort, but the feedback was not something we could ignore!  Since launching in 2015, we have gathered all the comfort benefits the Xpand Lacing System has brought to our customers and have found the below lacing patterns to take the Xpand experience to the next level.  If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, send it back for a refund!



  1. Great for kids or adults
  2. Great for swelling feet
  3. Low tension pattern for extreme tendonitis
  4. Great for boots and high tops
  5. Great for casual wear
  6. (I like this one for those with painful neuropathy too. Combine these laces with a shoe with a wide toe box, and if possible, minimal to zero drop and you are set!-Shannon with Adapt)



  1. Great for high arches
  2. Great for Upper extensor tendonitis 
  3. Great for Navicular stress fractures
  4. Great for active/casual wear


  1. Great for wide feet
  2. Great for Lower Extensor Tendonitis 
  3. Great for bunions or blisters 
  4. Great for metatarsal stress fractures
  5. Great for active/casual wear


    1. Great for kids or adults
    2. Provides even pressure along the top of feet
    3. Helps to eliminate hot spots
    4. Great for active/casual wear

    Plus! Here is the conventional method:



    Hide your shoelaces with Xpand, and you’ll slip your shoes on and off easily, with a customized, elastic memory fit. The Xpand Lacing System is easy to install and adjust. For the best results, don’t trim the ends of your laces right away — instead, wear your shoes for up to one day with Xpand, and adjust them if necessary. Once you’re sure you have the perfect fit, trim them to your desired length. Now you’re ready for wherever your day takes you!

    To install Xpand:

    1. Lace your shoes in the desired style. Crossed laces are better for running because you can lace them tightly, and bar lacing is better for casual wear with a looser tension fit — and for those whose feet sometimes swell.
    2. Decide if you want your lace anchors on the outside (Visible Mode) or inside (Stealth Mode) of your shoes. Visible Mode is better if your laces will need frequent adjustments. For Visible Mode, lace shoes so the ends fall on the outside of the top eyelets. For Stealth Mode, lace ends should land on the inside of the top eyelets of the shoe.
    3. Slide foot into shoe and adjust for desired tightness. Tighter laces are better for exercise and vigorous activities.
    4. For Visible installation: Insert lace end into center hole of lace anchor. Push anchor down so it lies flat against the shoe. Loop lace end through top hole and pull to desired tightness. Fold lace end over the top of the anchor, and snap it through the bottom slot. Lace is now locked in place. Repeat on other side.
    5. For Stealth installation: Slide lace anchors down until they touch the inside of your shoe. Loop end through top hole and adjust for tightness. Fold end over the top of the anchor and snap it through the slot. Lace is now locked in place. Repeat on other side.
    6. Tie a loose bow knot. This allows you to wear your shoes for a day to make sure you like the amount of tension.
    7. Trim your laces once you’re sure you have the perfect fit. Quickly singe each lace end with a lighter — just for a second, adults only. Too much heat can burn or melt the laces.
    8. Install end clips for Visible Mode. Push lace end through hole and pinch end clip together. Tuck end clips under laces or let hang loose. To remove end clips, push on tabs. Stealth Mode does not use end clips.

    That’s it! Now you’re ready to Xpand.

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