The Bench Buddy Transfer Bench Curtain for Extended Tub Benches

  • $30.00

Cutting a shower curtain to accommodate an extended tub bench is nothing new for an Occupational Therapist to do, but actually developing a ready made one with these finishing touches, brilliant! Hats off and many thanks to the Occupational Therapist that made this happen!  


Keep water in the bathtub and off of the bathroom floor when using an extended tub transfer bench along with The Bench Buddy Shower curtain.  With its flex ring technology, you can hang the curtain in an instant.  The vertical slit design allows you to slide the curtain through the transfer bench to keep water inside the tub and off of the bathroom floor. 


71" X 72"

Additional Note from Shannon:  I recommend that this still be used with a liner that you cut using the Bench Buddy Curtain as a guide without worry about what it will look like because the beautiful Bench Buddy Curtain with conceal it. This will also allow you to keep the outer curtain on the outside of the tub as you normally would when showering, just in this case, it would be the two sections to the left and right of the bench. 

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