Serene CL-60APHS - Extra Handset For CL-60 CL-60A CL-60P

Serene CL-60APHS - Extra Handset For CL-60 CL-60A CL-60P

  • $90.00

This handset works with the Serene CL-60A and offer ease of use through high quality voice clarity, talking caller ID, amplification for the sound and large buttons!


This is an additional handset for the Serene® CL-60A, product number 721100. Additional handset bases do not require being plugged into a phone line jack. The charging base merely plugs into an electrical outlet and handset works from the main base phone to which it is married/connected. This is great for use in rooms which do not have a telephone jack.

This Big Button Cordless phone amplifies incoming sound up to 55 dB, which is almost 600 times as loud as a regular conversation. This handset features HDS (Hi-Definition Sound) technology makes every word crisp and clear, while the Digital Tone Control makes difficult to hear words easy to understand. Built into the handset is a high performance speakerphone, and a visual voicemail and missed call indicator. The handset features a One-touch call for help button for hands free emergency calls, 3 one-touch speed dial buttons, a bright visual ring flasher and a super loud ringer. 

* Note: Base phone Serene® CL-60A (model numbers 721100) is required for use of this additional handset.

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