Serene 2-Way Pager

Serene 2-Way Pager

  • $70.00

PORTABLE call button!


Serene® Innovations brings us an ideal communication tool for caregivers and love ones who need to be in touch with another within the household who lacks mobility or is in need of assistance. This two-way pager enables one to summon help with just the touch of a button. The pagers has 3 alert modes; vibration, a bright flasher, and an adjustable loud ring tone. Once the button is pressed an alert is sounded on the caregiver's pager and then the caregiver can press their button in response to confirm back that they have received the page. 

Specifications and Features:

  • These pagers work through walls, floors and doors and have a 150 foot range within the home.
  • Features a unique channel selection option to ensure there is no mixing or interference from neighboring systems.
  • This set of two pagers come with a belt clip and a lanyard. You can either clip it to your clothing or belt, or you can wear it around your neck with the lanyard or hang it on a nearby wall.
  • Up to 4 two-way pages can be used in one household.

Operates on a rechargeable battery (already installed) that should not need replacement until after two years or more. 

Product Manual
Click Here For the Serene® Two Way Pager Instructions

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