Recliner Risers

Recliner Risers

  • $40.00

This is a great product that enables a simple modification to a favorite traditional recliner by raising it up to 6 inches! 


When a person stands from the typical recliner, it tilts forward, dropping the arms and seat of an already low chair by 3-4 inches.  Simply raising the chair by 5 or 6 inches, necessary for independent standing, makes it dangerously unstable.  Stander has developed a safe and easy solution! When our Recliner Risers are installed, they raise a chair 1 3/4 inches and limit the forward tilt allowing 3-4 inches of lift.  The 4-6 total inches of extra support gives a weakened person a biomechanical advantage and enables them to be more likely to stand on their own. 

  • Recliner Risers attach quickly and easily to the wooden base of your favorite recliner. 
  • Each box contains four risers, two riser limiter, 16 screws, Velcro, and an instruction manual.
  • Installation is quick and easy and the entire assembly is low profile and matches the look and feel of furniture.
  • It does not interfere with rocking or reclining of the chair. 
  • Makes standing or sitting easier

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