Raised Dots, Bump Dot 3 Pack, 70 Dots

Raised Dots, Bump Dot 3 Pack, 70 Dots

  • $7.00

These handy bump dots make operating appliances easier for those with low vision and/or memory issues because they act as markers to indicate and/or highlight key areas as needed! Stick to only using the orange if it is someone who is experiencing visual or cognitive changes associated with aging.  Those who are legally blind and accustomed to relying on tactile cues can use both the clear and the orange.


This set of 3 packages of hard rubber, self-adhesive bump dots can fulfill all your tactile marking needs. This set consists of one page of 25 Large (.44 x .20") Orange Bumps, one page of 25 Flat Top Orange Bump Dots (.24 x .10",) and one page of 20 Clear Bump Dot tactile markers (.44 x .20".) Product includes 70 dots.

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