Low Vision LED Bulb

  • $16.00

This bulb has it all! It is both Earth and Eye friendly with the added benefit of not disrupting your natural sleep patterns because most of the blue light has been removed!


These specially formulated, patent-holding, 60 Watt equivalent LED bulbs are superior to most LED bulbs currently on the market, and are ideal for low vision users. They have gone through extensive scientific design to remove the majority of blue light from their light spectrum. This is important because blue light, found in high levels in many "natural daylight" and fluorescent bulbs, can be very damaging to the retina and can also disrupt sleep patterns. These bulbs have been specifically designed to remove most of the blue light, without any sacrifice in light quality. 

These bulbs additionally remove all flicker – both visible and invisible – from the light, further reducing eye strain. Additional advantages over standard LED bulbs include better color reproduction, superior 360° light distribution, less heat production, and longer life. Overall, these advantages produce a bulb that has lower risk for retinal damage, lower eye strain, and commercial grade durability and longevity. The bulbs are designed to run 24/7 if desired, and will last from 25,000-100,000 hours, depending on the operating environment. Low heat production also makes the bulbs much safer to use than traditional bulbs, posing less fire or burning risk. They can even be dropped without breaking. 

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