Kabooti Ice Gel Insert

  • $13.00

If you want to add some cooling pain relief to your Kabooti, here is how you do it!


Already have our best selling Kabooti cushion but still looking for Therapeutic relief? We offer the Gel Pack that comes with the Kabooti Ice separately and will fit your current Kabooti cushion.

Additional details for the Kabooti Ice Removable Gel Pack

Buy the Kabooti® ICE Removable Gel Pack to add cooling relief to any Kabooti® Seat Cushion!  This adds a new dimension to the best features and benefits of a ring shaped donut cushion, coccyx cushion and a traditional seating wedge.  Suitible for therapeutic relief from hemorrhoids, post-partum discomfort, perneal wounds and especially after surgery in sensitive areas.  

The custom ice pack cools quickly in the refrigerator or freezer and is easily added to the center of the Kabooti foam cushion.   Use it when needed and remove when not in use.   The ice pack and all of the features of the Kabooti are covered by a stylish cover, so only you will know your using it! 


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