Handle for Ezy-As Compression Stocking Applicator

  • $20.00

If it's hard to reach the feet, this is a nice addition to the Ezy-As compression garment applicator!


An optional handle attachment available to be used with the Ezy-As applicator.  The handle allows compression garments to be applied without having to bend down and is great for people with limited mobility.

The handle is designed to fit any size applicator in the Ezy-As™ range (one size fits all).

The Ezy-As applicator can be combined with this attachment to reduce the effort and pain when applying compression garments to both arms and legs. It is designed to be used by people independently or by caregivers of people who are unable to apply their own stockings.

The Ezy-As doesn’t disturb dressings or pull on fragile skin. It takes only seconds to apply as opposed to over 10 minutes with other applicators and can be used on a variety of different sorts of stockings.

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