Great Grips - 2 Pack

  • $10.00

An easy addition to door knobs to make turning them easier and gentler on the delicate finger joints!


Great Grips makes it easy to turn round and awkward doorknobs. It’s great for young children, arthritis sufferers, people with disabilities, and senior citizens who may have trouble gripping the door handle. This inexpensive alternative can save you hundreds in door-handle replacements – and because it’s backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee – you have nothing to lose. 

Features & Benefits 
  • Easy-Turn Doorknobs - Makes it easy to turn awkward round doorknobs.
  • No-Slip Grip - Provides better grip for weak or older hands.
  • Easy Installation - Slips on quickly with no tools required.
  • No Static-Shock - No more annoying zaps.
  • Inexpensive - Can save hundreds in door-handle replacements.

How We Compare



- Dimensions of Product - 3" x 2" 1.6" Diameter


  • Who are great grips for?

    Anyone who wants to turn the door handle easier! It also comes in handy for children, senior citizens, arthritis sufferers, and disabled

  • Is it “Easy” to turn doorknobs with Great Grips?

    Yes, because it turns “awkward” round doorknobs into easy-to-turn levers – it makes turning doorknobs… Easy again.

  • How “Easy” is it to install?

    Very Easy! Simply soak Great Grips in hot water and slide it over your door handle.

  • Do Great Grips provide better grip?

    Yes, the anti-bacterial handgrip improves your ability to grip the handle while the lever-shape makes turning doorknobs… Effortless.

  • Do they glow in the dark?

    Yes, Great Grips include glow in the dark inserts to make opening doors easy at night.

  • What is the warranty?

    All of Stander products come with a Lifetime Warranty! If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, we will fix or replace your product.

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