Ezy-As Compression Stocking Applicator

  • $40.00

The best way I have seen yet for ENABLING PEOPLE TO PUT ON THEIR OWN COMPRESSION GARMENTS WITHOUT ASSISTANCE (saving lots of money in caregiver costs)!  I also recommend adding the gloves because they make putting the compression garment onto the device much easier, especially if arthritis or hand weakness is an issue! If reaching the foot is difficult, check out the handles as well!


The Ezy-As reduces the effort and pain when applying compression garments to both arms and legs. It is designed to be used by people independently or by caregivers of people who are unable to apply their own stockings.

The Ezy-As doesn’t disturb dressings or pull on fragile skin. It takes only seconds to apply as opposed to over 10 minutes with other applicators and can be used on a variety of different sorts of stockings.

Three color coded sizes

Small Red: Calf size 11-13.5″

Medium Yellow: Calf size 12.5 – 15.5″

Large Blue: Calf size 15 – 18.5″

*ADAPT recommends the SMALL sizing option for most. If you feel that you need a larger size and are uncertain, please call or email and we will help you figure it out!

*Handle is sold separately. Click here for more information about the handle: https://adaptcarolina.com/products/handle-for-ezy-as-compression-stocking-applicator

See Video's for the varied ways to use this product successfully:


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