Easy Hold Universal Cuff (All Ages)

  • $15.00

Finally! A versatile, sanitary and easy to use version of the universal cuff!  These are great for all ages, from a child having difficulty gripping a toy to someone with arthritis who needs to reduce stress on the delicate finger joints when completing tasks such as brushing hair and teeth.  The silicone is very flexible and allows the circular ends to easily be pulled open to place the cuff on the object so don't be deterred by the diameter of the holes on the ends. See the sizing and photos for lots of inspiration and to get a better idea of what sized items each cuff can work with!  I feel like these work best when they are place behind the first knuckles on the hand, but experiment to find what works best for you or your client.


The EazyHold ® universal cuff grip assist is an affordable general use strap that helps people accomplish daily living activities independently despite physical conditions or disabilities impacting grip strength. The flexible universal cuffs attach securely to get a grip on handles of utensils, tools, toys and more! Our adaptable assistive device is made of soft, flexible food-grade silicone, hypoallergenic and latex free. Eazy to use, Eazy to clean and Eazy on the hands!

  • Non-toxic and latex free
  • Adjustable
  • Hygienic, washable and quick drying
  • Easily transfers to a variety of objects
  • For right or left hand


  • Yellow 4"This is our smallest sized silicone straps for either the littlest of hands to hold utensils and toys, or for adult fingertip control of pencils, pens, fine art brushes, small grooming aids. The end openings are small to grip tight to the object.
  • Pink 4"Small child's size 2 pack of soft silicone universal cuffs for toys, utensils, markers, teethers, musical instruments and more! Same length as yellow but with wider end openings for larger implements.
  • Green 4.5"Child sized (up to 10 years) soft silicone universal cuffs, for utensils, toys, markers, musical instruments, fine art brushes grooming aids and more!
  • Orange 5": Great for youth to small handed adult for eating utensils, grooming aids, fine art brushes, musical instruments, styluses and more!
  • Blue 5.25"Fits toys, markers, brushes, grooming aids, utensils, fine art brushes, musical instruments and more!
  • Aqua 6.5"For 10 years to adult and great for electric toothbrushes, cooking utensils, scrub brushes, hair brushes, tools, art supplies, sporting equipment and more. Has a wider opening for larger implements.
  • Green 7.5": Universal cuffs that fit over baby bottles, sippy cups, water and sports bottles, large toys and blankets, musical instruments, sporting equipment and more! Modify your drinking cup or can be doubled up for two handed use!

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