CorFit® Advantage AP Back Brace

  • $405.00

A great option for those who need added support in the low back to alleviate pain and that offers the user many ways to custom fit or to progress to reduced supports as back pain improves!


Focused Compression and Support

Practical and easy to wear, the CorFit® Advantage AP provides maximum support and comfort for patients suffering from low back pain or injuries. With opposing side pulls, compression adjustments can easily be made to lumbar and sacral regions independently. A removable posterior panel with 25˚ arc provides additional comfort and compression on lumbar region. Removable anterior panel offers additional abdominal support and compression.

Customized Sizing

Our patented fitting system accommodates any size or body type – taller supports for larger patients and shorter supports for petite or juvenile patients. Flexible lateral stays and durable nylon tensioning system creates support without decreasing comfort, while a plush interior with high quality hook and loop closure ensures years of use.

  • Removable anterior and posterior panels for step-down flexibility
  • Patented proportional sizing for a custom fit
  • PDAC Verified to LO627
  • Made in the USA

Sizing by Hip Measurement

  • Small (6”) 27” - 35” 
  • Med/Large (8”) 32” - 43” 
  • X-Large (9”) 40” - 52” 
  • 2X-Large (10”) 46” - 58” 
  • 3X-Large (12”) 52” - 64”

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