3" LED Alarm Clock

3" LED Alarm Clock

  • $25.00

Because of its large red numbers, this digital alarm clock is easier on the eyes and is especially good for those with low vision!


The Equity® Jumbo LED Display Alarm Clock is a perfect choice for those with low vision or who are visually impaired. This electric digital alarm clock not only has large bold 3 inch high digits, but it also features a 9 volt battery back for times when power is lost. It has a hi/lo display dimmer and 9 minute snooze which you can repeat if you're a snoozer.

Dimensions and Features:

  • Red LED digits measure 3 inches in height
  • The alarm has a HI/LO setting to suit your preferences
  • A large snooze button with a snooze duration of 9 minutes which can be repeated as needed
  • HI/LO Display Dimmer settings
  • Easy setup
  • AC powered with 9 volt battery back up (battery not included)
  • PM and Alarm indicator lights
  • Dimensions: Length: 4.75 inches Width: 9 inches and Depth: 2.65 inches

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