Hook and Loop Strips w/ Sticky Back, 3.5" x 3/4"

  • $4.00

When fingers fumble add this to clothing in place of buttons!  Clothing can be modified easily, with the help of someone who can sew, by permanently mounting the buttons over the exterior button holes and then underneath, adding these strips, cut to an adequate size, in the place of where the buttons would be traditionally holding the shirt closed.  This is a great way allow someone to be able to continue to wear their favorite style of shirts even if buttoning is difficult or frustrating.


4 sets of either White or Black hook and loop 3.5 inches long self adhesive straps that are 3/4 inch wide provided in a poly bag.

These can be sewn into clothing as an alternative fastener option and the buttons can be permanently affixed to the outside of the clothing to appear as if the clothing is buttoned in the usual manner. 

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